The Master Coach

Leading with Character, Building Connections, and Engaging in Extraordinary Conversations

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The Master Coach will take your leadership impact to a whole new level.

Coaching is now an essential competency for leaders at all organization levels. Today, and into the foreseeable future, one of the most important priorities for leaders is to be a catalyst for the high performance and career acceleration of their team members, and coaching is one of the most powerful tools available. The Master Coach is written for leaders who are ready to commit to a process of intense relationships and challenging conversations that will inspire and enable others to shift to a new pathway going forward.

Drawing on the wealth of experience that has made Gregg Thompson and Bluepoint Leadership Development the choice of numerous Fortune 100 companies, it illuminates the essence of what it takes to be a great coach. The Master Coach will appeal to leaders at all organization levels, showing them how to make a significant shift in their attitudes, values, and behaviors and become more coach-like in all of their daily interactions and conversations. The Master Coach is written for leaders who understand that most great leadership happens one conversation at a time and that they can help others dramatically increase their performance by becoming an expert at engaging in these conversations.

The Master Coach is based on the simple but profound Three C Coaching Model. This proven approach asserts that to master the art of coaching one must have an exemplary Character that invites the trust of others, be able to form rapid Connections with others at a deeply personal level, and have the ability to initiate and guide intense, attitude-changing Conversations. At every step, Gregg Thompson reminds readers that coaching is not merely about what the coach says or does; it is about who he or she is.

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A Word From Our Customers

It is a must-read for all leaders and non-leaders who aspire to help others make significant changes in their work, careers and, yes . . . their lives.

Bob Johnson

Founder, LeaderSearch Executive Coaching Group

If you are a leader, even if you don't currently believe you are or should coach, read this book. You'll be a better leader and a better person for it.

Bill Gardner

Leadership Coach

Backed with questions for self-reflection, this feel-good, inspirational guide provides a useful framework for readers interested in honing an important skill.

Publishers Weekly