Keynote Workshops

Are you ready for an impactful, engaging and memorable experience?

Gregg Thompson will challenge you through a powerful learning journey during which you will explore inspirational ways of seeing, relating to and influencing others.

The Powerful Coaching Conversation

…make every conversation matter!

Most great leadership doesn’t happen during boardroom presentations or at annual meetings. It happens in hallways and on telephone calls. It happens in cubicles and over lunch. It happens in project status meetings and in routine one-on-one discussions. In fact, several authors assert that “most leadership happens one conversation at a time.” This highly experiential workshop is designed to help participants enhance the quality of their day-to-day conversations by equipping them to be more coach-like in all of their interactions with others. Participants will learn potent, practical skills they can use immediately to make all of their conversations more impactful. This is a hands-on learning experience during which participants will be introduced to the key principles upon which all great coaching conversations are based, learn The Three Coaching Power Tools and be provided an opportunity to experiment with these tools in a real-time Coaching Experiential.

The Leader Speaks…and things happen!

…using story to create extraordinary alignment and engagement

Leaders need to communicate accurate and timely information that helps their team members do their work. As important as this is, the leader’s real leverage comes from inspiring others to unite and bring their best efforts to a big idea, and this can only be done by crafting and communicating a compelling story. In this highly interactive, multimedia learning session, Gregg introduces participants to the principle that all effective leadership communication is rooted in a story. By converting strategies, objectives and operating plans into appealing stories, participants learn how they can create extraordinary levels of alignment and engagement within their teams.

Driving High Performance through Constructive Confrontation

…progressive leadership that honors others through accountability and feedback

High-performance teams have two things in common: first, promises are readily made and faithfully kept and, second, well-intentioned feedback flows smoothly throughout the team. In this practical, interactive Keynote Workshop, Gregg teaches participants how to introduce outcome-based accountability to their teams and have team members feel important and appreciated in the process. He challenges leaders to create a culture of constructive confrontation in which feedback is invited and welcomed.