Executive Coaching

Gregg’s approach to coaching is intense and outcome focused.

Gregg Thompson is a highly-skilled executive leadership coach who works exclusively with the most senior executives of large corporations as diverse as General Electric, Microsoft, New York Life, The Mayo Clinic, Qualcomm, and Konica Minolta.

Gregg believes that leaders should be measured by the organizational outcomes they create. Therefore, his coaching is focused strictly on helping his clients become more powerful forces for engagement, alignment, innovation and execution in their organizations.

Gregg does not see leadership coaching as an exercise in fine tuning but, instead, as an opportunity to make a significant shift in one’s leadership impact throughout their organization. He helps his clients create deeper meaning for their work, construct clear pathways forward, let go of irrelevant and distracting activities, and commit to the most potent actions necessary to build high performance organizations.

Gregg consistently wins the praise of clients for his wealth of experience and knowledge of business management, and his uncompromising dedication to achieving the highest standards of excellence in organization leadership. Candid, engaging and caring, Gregg’s passion for leadership development is infectious. His demanding approach to leadership coaching has earned him the respect of clients in the 45 countries in which he has worked.

Gregg’s approach to coaching is intense and outcome focused. He expects his clients to create ambitious professional development plans and, over the course of the coaching engagement, make significant shifts in their day-to-day leadership practices.